Corporative Members

Individual Members

  • Aldag, Peter, Tracer, München
  • Ederberg, Gesa, Rabbi, Berlin
  • Ferrari, Ingo, Honorary Member, Troisdorf
  • Gabler, Heinz, Dr., Honorary Member, Wien
  • Hacisüleyman, Yusuf, Hotelmanager and Consultant, Antalya
  • Hetzel, Elke, Specialist in Tourism, Stuttgart
  • Jäger, Laura, sustainability Expert in Tourism, Berlin
  • Jean-Francois, Rika, Expert in Responsible Tourism, Berlin
  • Junghänel, Marko, PR-Consultant, München and Nürnberg
  • Kern, Raimund, Honorary Member, Stolberg
  • Laßberg, Dietlind von, Dr., Researcher in Tourism, Wörthsee
  • Mitteneder, Claudia, Specialist in Tourism, München
  • Pfäfflin, Georg F., Honorary Member, Stuttgart
  • Poser, Fabian von, Journalist, Photographer and Author of books
  • Quist, Dietmar, Dr., Consultant in Tourism, Ittlingen
  • Schreiber, Dagmar, Journalist, Consultant in Tourism, Edersleben
  • Schudel, Hans Ulrich, Advocate and Mediator, Bottmingen (CH)
  • Tarabochia, Michael, Advocate, München
  • Thomas, Petra, sustainability Expert in Tourism, Hamburg
  • Tuncer, Mehmet Gökhan, Dr., Economist, Berlin
  • Vielhaber, Armin, Researcher in Tourism, Sachsenkam
  • Wiedenmann, Sybille, Specialist in Tourism, München

Members concerning policy is orientated by the following basic rules:

  • homogenity of interests
  • limited and surveyed membership
  • for corporative members: top management must be affiliated with the committees of the association